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October 29, 2015

About Matt Mittino

A Fine BlendMatt Mittino Strategy Speaker

I’m what you might call a mix of Boy Scout and McGuyver – down-to-earth, honest, loyal, most often “prepared”, action-taking, and terribly resourceful.

I love solving problems. I’m driven by the challenge of an unanswered question that leads me to learn new things.

Whether it’s an old, dead motorcycle to bring back to life (which I’ve done) or a business in trouble that needs to be saved (which I’ve also done), the simple core question found in those challenges – “How do we fix this?” – excites me.  It excites me because I know that the quest to find the answer (to solve the problem) will lead me to personal growth. And with that new knowledge, I have more to share with others for their own growth.

The Business History

After an amazing career with a Fortune 100 U.S. healthcare company, I’m now partnering with companies along the lines of heathtech start-ups, small retail shops up to Fortune 500 multinationals, tackling tough questions around strategy and growth, sales and marketing, and talent development. You can get some info on the types of projects I’m involved in here (My Projects).  If you want to read more about my take on Business Strategy and why I think anyone can do it, my blog on the topic is here (StrategyDIY).

I carry with me strong, broad experiences in business strategy and management. I have guided healthcare businesses in the U.S., Latin America, Japan and Europe. I turned-around that crashing business in Europe during the height of an economic crisis, pushed that Japanese team to exceed growth expectations, executed an award-winning comeback in Latin America, saved a small veterinary business from shutting-down, and was a key player in the design and launch of an award-winning diagnostic instrument, for which I hold a patent. This is more than twenty years of proven performance; of successfully tackling difficult business challenges through quick solutions to complex problems and strong execution by a team organized and motivated to get it done.

My engineer’s mind paired with strong commercial skill creates a blend of creativity with an exceptional level of detail.

More than WorkMatt Mittino Glacier NP

But I’m not all business. I’m blessed with an amazing family of world explorers that have lived and traveled across the globe driven by constant curiosity and passion for learning.

Giving back is an important value thread throughout my professional and personal lives and so also I volunteer as a Scout Leader, baseball coach and mentor.

Ensuring our next generation is confident and empowered to succeed is a personal passion. I have participated on the board of a children’s theater in Chicago and on the board of the American School of Madrid. Together with my sons and their friends, we can often be found hiking and camping, building Pop-pop boats, practicing archery, coding (we were early backers of or hacking together new “inventions” in our workshop.

If we can work together, send me a message.