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October 4, 2017

Rising Leader Professional Coaching Program

Emerging Leader Personalized Coaching Program

Are you a Rising Leader?

You are a Rising Leader if you are on a road of career success with growing responsibility and higher personal aspirations.  You are at the manager or director level and have demonstrated your potential and have a desire for further leadership and career advancement.  Your sights are set on the “next level”.

And, let’s be honest, you may even be wondering (just a little bit) if the next level is what you want.  You know you need a next step and yet you are not sure what that is.

As a Rising Leader you may have just transitioned into a new role and feel the company expects you to “figure it out”.  Or you want to jump into a new role soon and need to get ready.

You may:

  • Feel underdeveloped in leadership skills and unsupported in your own growthMatt Mittino is the Leader, helping you grow
  • Need to make the leap from tactics to strategy; to develop the discipline to think strategically
  • Be transitioning from individual contributor to team leader and want to be sure you progress from being a high performing individual to leading and developing a high performing team
  • Want to slow down and take time to think through: your role, your business and alignment of personal and career goals
  • Want to define or understand “What does good look like for me?” in my career
  • Have doubts about your career track and next steps and want strategies for how to negotiate your career progression within your organization
  • Want to better prioritize and find the best return for your time
  • Want to learn how to effectively expand your network

If some of this describes you, keep reading.  It’ll be worth a couple more minutes.


EMERGE is an individualized, professional coaching program. Ultimately, the path and objectives of the program will be set by you and guided by me through the process of awareness, goal setting, and achievement.

Why is this important?  Because you are unique.  What you want out of your career is unique.  Your goals will be unique.  I have found more success in guiding my team members and clients to their own set of priorities.  I don’t believe in putting you through a template model of professional or personal development and checking boxes in the “six phases of leadership model” or other program.

That’s all well and good, but you want to know …

What you can learn?

The EMERGE Program can help you lock in three core ares for career success: understanding and developing yourself, developing others, and leadership of others.  You have the opportunity to transform your style to accelerate team performance, build effective and engaged teams, and learn the nuances of authentic leadership (power and influence).

Some examples of focus areas from past clients:

  • How to align personal and professional expectations for yourself, your team and your manager
  • Training on Fundamentals of Strategic Thinking and Communication including persuasion, motivation and trust
  • Training in Socratic Coaching and/or Situational Leadership skills and the use of different leadership styles
  • How to transition from contributor to leader and do it well
  • How to transition from single function leader to general management
  • Building long-term authentic relationships to manage across your organization; Managing your Team and Managing your Manager
  • Stress and time management/optimization strategies for leaders
  • Assessing character strengths and how they impact your leadership style
  • Assessing leadership style and what that means for you as a leader (natural areas of focus, potential blind spots, how to build your team, etc.)
  • Investigating Authentic Leadership and how that matches your personal style
  • What it means to build a Purpose-driven career
  • How to build a network – internal and external
  • Communication as a core leadership tool

If you’ve made it this far, some of this has got to sound good.  So, then …

What you should expect in this professional coaching program?

As outlined earlier, this is a customize program for you and created by you (with guidance).  It is a unique, one-on-one professional coaching program.

First, you should expect that you and I are a good match.  There needs to be good chemistry between the client and the coach to have any hope for success.  How do we find out?  Before any official start of the program, we’ll have a free 30 minute phone call.  We’ll get acquainted, talk about your interest in a professional development program, ensure that you’ve got the time to commit to your own success, and get a feel for each other.  At the end of the call, we’ll agree to move forward together.

Then, you should plan to commit at least six months to the program.  Not every day, not every waking hour, but know that you will work on yourself consistently for a few months.  And, in the end, it’s not a great commitment for your own career.

You will have regular one-on-one sessions with me, approximately every two weeks (remote or in-person). As your coach I will guide you through developing your areas of focus, make recommendations and suggestions for your personal action plan, work to keep you on track, and ensure you put what you learn to work quickly.

You have access to me 24/7 via email.  While I’m not online 24/7 know that I will respond via email normally within one day.  And I don’t cut anyone off after the program officially ends.  I’m happy to help long after.

Weekly email with tips and tricks for expanding your development and putting your learning into practice.

And more … a few secrets I’ve still got in development.

If you are ready to go, you can get started now.  Just click below to get the step-by-step instructions to register for EMERGE and to schedule your free introduction call.

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That’s all great, but …

Why Choose Matt?

Because I’m a practitioner.  I have more than 20 years of experience in hands-on leadership of organizations – of teams flying high and teams in trouble; from a four member start-up to a team of more than 500 people in a large multi-national business; across cultures and countries spanning the U.S., Latin America, Japan and Europe.

And I’m a successful practitioner.  Some quotes from my team members and clients are sprinkled through this page.  I’ve coached individual turn-arounds (someone not viewed highly by leadership who was subsequently promoted), led teams to break-through performance barriers, and led teams to win international awards.  And I’m still an active leader with team responsibilities.  I stay current.

Matt Mittino is without doubt a great leaderI developed an innovative leadership program for international life science executives and I have been retained by venture capital investors to guide start-up CEOs in team development and leadership.

And, too, I am trained.  Through the graciousness of my past employers, I have received years of training through personal, individual professional coaching programs.  The training spanned team leadership, executive leadership, strategy, motivation, communication, general management, finance, among other areas.

I approach any coaching project strategically – helping you clearly understand where you are today, and what you want to create for tomorrow. I will guide your development of an action plan then bring to bare my skill, experience, network and formal tools to help get you there.

If you want to know more about me, find me on LinkedIn or see my About Page.

Well, you’ve made it this far.  I assume you have a few remaining questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

I created this program to make one-on-one professional coaching affordable to the Rising Leaders.  Those talented people “in the middle”.  In my experience, there was a lot of one-on-one professional development available to the executive ranks.  I actually benefited from some of those programs and one-on-one development.  I saw it first hand.  But what’s the catch?

Executive one-on-one development can cost $10,000.00 with rates up to $500.00 per hour.  That’s speaking from experience.  This price is out of reach to many mid-level managers and Rising Talent, especially those forced to “go it alone” and pay out-of-pocket.

Here, with EMERGE, you get access to an experienced practitioner of leadership and career planning, personal attention, development plans and more for half of that high-ticket price.  Emerge is just $5,000.00.

That’s one-half the market price for executive coaching and development delivered by someone that’s been through those high-level programs, is practicing the art and has had great success.

I’ve seen people come out of personal, professional coaching programs get promoted, move companies for better offers or just get comfortable with salary conversations helping them increase their current income.  Investing in yourself now, pays dividends sooner rather than later.

Why do I need a coach? Can’t I just read a book or talk to a friend? Maybe find a mentor?Leaders are made they are not born. Vince Lombardi

It’s a measure of your interest in you.  How are you investing your time and energy to develop the career you want and to become the leader you were meant to be?  Yes, you can learn in the moment; take advantage of the OJT (On the Job Training) so much a part of modern talent management plans.

But, if you want to really focus on where you are headed, to understand how to build a work environment most aligned to your success, how to increase your influence at work, to shape yourself into a successful manager, then you need to think beyond books/OJT and night classes.  Think of the EMERGE program as a personal trainer for your career, only better.

Matt, why don’t you have coaching on your LinkedIn profile?

Because I do this for passion.  One of the responsibilities I most enjoy as a leader is the development of the team.  Guiding personal and professional growth in people is something that gives me great pleasure and, I feel, keeps me connected to the personal part of business.  And so I do it for only a select few people each year.  It’s a way for me to continue to help people, beyond just the teams I work with.

Honestly, this all started when a few of my old team members asked me if I’d work with them after I left one of my employers.  They wanted to stay connected and to take advantage of my coaching style and methods that had been so helpful to them when we worked together.  I agreed, and as this pilot group of clients began to “need” me less as a coach, I realized I would miss helping people on their own, personal journeys and decided to continue working with a small group of clients each year.

And because I can only take a few clients a year, I don’t publicize aggressively my availability.

How do you get started?  How soon can you start?

The program can start right now!  Click the “Ready to Emerge” button below to take the first step.  Emerge is designed to be completed in about six months, though you are in total control and we can set the pace as you want.

When you are “Ready to Emerge”, you’ll be provided a step-by-step outline to sign-up and register for the initial consultation call.

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My company supports professional development.  Can I do this with company support?

Absolutely!  In fact, having the support of your current employer can be a great help.

For reimbursement, you will receive a formal invoice for the program which you can provide to your company, or I can provide invoices directly to the company, if that’s best for you.

Matt Mittino great skill in motivating

Beyond the straight billing logistics, some companies prefer to discuss employee development and the process with the coach.  I’m happy to integrate company HR or management into the program – to provide early input, direction, ideas and the like.

NOTE: unless otherwise agreed between you and the company (and provided to me in writing), all our work is confidential and will not be shared back to your employer.

What if I am unhappy with the program?

I only want you to be happy! If you are generally unhappy and unsatisfied, you’ll be offered a full refund.

Great, I’m Ready to Emerge.

Then click this button …

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Got questions?  You can always drop me an email: matt at